Monday, August 25, 2008


(Image copyright apple inc)

I have been waiting for somebody to actually say that!

I am surprised to hear what has been done by operator in India. When iphone was launched in Us (at $399), it was available (offcourse without warranty) at a cost of 18K in India.

Now when apple as actually got the cost down, It is now priced at 31K (around $800) in India.

I am not sure if somebody will actually buy this product, I will not! There are few good reason for that:
1. I am satisfied with my Sony-Erickson p1i.
2. 2 Megapix camera? I had that 2 year ago, not anymore!
3. A 3g phone without 3g network, doesn't excite me any more! I have been having a 3 g phone from last 4 year now, without 3g network offcourse.
4. I will have to send the mobile phone to apple to get its battery remove. Very funny.
5. Few of my friend who had iphone has complaint of network related issue. The phone will go offline without warning. That is as bad as it could get.
6. 36K for a item Valued 8K outside India with make me feel like an idiot.
7. It does not have flash which is basic requirement for night shot.

anyway I have my reasons, however you if feel nirvana lies in buying iphone. Please go ahead!!

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