Thursday, January 29, 2009


My Phone down the Memory Lane (Updated)

Way back in 99, my first phone was Panasonic GD62. The picture is of GD30, since I could not found GD62 photo. I gave this phone to some relative who used it for next 5-6 years.

My next phone was a smaller version of Nokia 8250, internationally 8210 was released. I gave this to someone.

My Next phone was a great phone, Ericsson T68, I still miss it, I mis-placed it.


My next phone was T610, I think it was great design but over all it was just okay. I gave it away


My next phone was K700i It was the phone, I really did not like it. I lost it.

My next phone was K610i which I still have and I like it. It is a great phone

I was looking for a business phone with Value For phone I went forward and bought HTC S710. I faced some usability issue and returned it immediately to Shop



Today I use P1i, it is fine but I really miss Ericsson OS. It is FAR better than Symbian

My latest one is Samsung jet! it is great and it is a completely new experience, but then i couldn’t get myself used to screen based typepad and I am still using p1i mostly.


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