Sunday, September 21, 2008


Short Message Service

SMS appeared on the wireless scene in 1991 in Europe, where digital wireless technology first took hold. The European standard for digital wireless, now known as the global standard for mobiles (GSM), included short messaging services from the outset.

The point-to-point SMS provides a mechanism for transmitting "short" messages to and from wireless handsets. The service makes use of a short message service center (SMSC) which acts as a store and forward system for short messages. The wireless network provides for the transport of short messages between the SMSCs and wireless handsets.

A distinguishing characteristic of the service is that an active mobile handset is able to receive or submit a short message at any time, independent of whether or not a voice or data call is in progress. SMS also guarantees delivery of the short message by the network. Temporary failures are identified, and the short message is stored in the network until the destination becomes available.

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