Sunday, September 21, 2008


SMS - Message Sending Process (Technical Realization)

The following describes the method of SMS Sending:



1. Message originate from mobile phone and similar device (known as MS)

2. The SMSC receive the message from MS and forward it to GSMC.

3. The SMS GMSC requests the routing information by sending the message MAP_SEND_ROUTINGINFO_FOR_SM to HLR (not shown). The message include the MSISDN (mobile Number) of the recipient MS.

4. The HRL retrieve the routing information and pass it to SMS GMSC. The information includes the IMSI and serving MSC address of recipient MS.

5. The GMSC delivers the message to MSC by sending the message MAP_FORWARD_SHORT_MESSAGE.

6. The MSC extract user information by query VLR.

7. MSC finally deliver the message using paging operation.

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