Wednesday, December 10, 2008


MTNL Launched 3g in India

So 3g is finally here! Most awaited most wanted and most elusive. MTNL launched 3g on its network in India today. Prime Minister Sri Manmohan ji will make a voice call today in an inauguration ceremony.

Today's newspaper has a whole page clipping on this most awaited event. However what was missing was details about it on MTNL website:


I will buy MTNL connection, to start with for voice call (then I would have to buy two sim, which is fine with me) and next for data. Since 3g in India will be probably HSPA +. I would see how speed of 2mbps + feels like.

I would like to know unlike world, will 3g be destructive technology in India? Indian are innovative when utilizing resource. I am sure to see something different out here.

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