Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My Phone down the Memory Lane (Updated)

Way back in 99, my first phone was Panasonic GD62. The picture is of GD30, since I could not found GD62 photo. I gave this phone to some relative who used it for next 5-6 years.

My next phone was a smaller version of Nokia 8250, internationally 8210 was released. I gave this to someone.

My Next phone was a great phone, Ericsson T68, I still miss it, I mis-placed it.


My next phone was T610, I think it was great design but over all it was just okay. I gave it away


My next phone was K700i It was the phone, I really did not like it. I lost it.


My next phone was K610i which I still have and I like it. It is a great phone


I was looking for a business phone with Value For phone I went forward and bought HTC S710. I faced some usability issue and returned it immediately to Shop



Today I use P1i, it is fine but I really miss Ericsson OS. It is FAR better than Symbian

My latest one is Samsung jet! it is great and it is a completely new experience, but then i couldn’t get myself used to screen based typepad and I am still using p1i mostly.



And I couldn’t get used to it. So for sometime i was back on p1i and then I heard about andriod. I bought gw620


My reason of buying LG Phone. Well it came with a full keyboard.. andriod (1.5).

I have been using this phone over 5 month. More or less the experience is fine but these are few shortcomings.

  1. The panel has touch sensitive back and home button. This is so ridiculous why why!! It make your life hellish, specially when you making a call.
  2. The android OS 1.5 is dated and not good for making calls.
  3. The processor is slow very slow, very very slow.
  4. Sync is not automatic for email.. So I have to manually check my email many time..
  5. the on screen word suggestion, it keep making the window jump.. I have to switch it off.
  6. Opened application cause the system to become incredibly slow..
  7. It is heavy
  8. Does not support divX
  9. The andriod home app tab takes spaces, and the LG home cannot be customized.
  10. Some time the calibration seem completely off and there is no way to get this fixed.

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